We want to thank Howard Halderman of Halderman Farm Management for sharing and expressing the value of DIGS Associates.

Find someone who can do it better  

Halderman Farm Management in Wabash, Ind., manages 240,000 acres of farmland in 19 states for absentee landlords.

Now in its 89th year, the company has long nurtured a culture of seeking trusted partners to whom it can outsource certain functions, to do the job more profitably and effectively for clients.

“Back in the ’70s and early ’80s, we used to manage timber harvests ourselves, on the farms we managed,” says company president Howard Halderman. “But then in the early ’80s, the government came out with some new cost-share programs for timber management, and with that came consulting foresters. We quickly learned that they could manage the forests for us much more profitably and effectively.”

More recently the company is considering outsourcing some of its farm drainage projects to a company that can not only do a turn-key job — engineering, design, bid acquisitions, labor, materials, and supervision — but also will contact neighbors interested in that service. This can result in a more effective project for the whole watershed, with some accompanying economies of scale.

“In our business, we specialize in managing farms, and our strongest area is leasing,” Halderman says.

“If we can find someone with specialized expertise in things like forestry management, drainage, grain bin system layout and design, or other functions, it helps our bottom line and our clients’ bottom lines.”

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