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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum loan application amount?2023-04-13T16:21:03-05:00
  • $1,000,000

How long will the closing process take?2023-04-13T16:20:36-05:00
  • Assuming the DIGS-Pinion certified drainage plan has already been submitted, the digital closing is very quick.
What happens after someone is approved for a loan?2023-04-13T14:49:34-05:00
  • For term loans the AFF, Compeer, and DIGS Associates servicing teams will reach out to the applicant for the purchase agreement, certified drainage design, and proof of funds for down payment.
  • For operating loans the AFF, Compeer, and DIGS Associates servicing teams will reach out to the applicant for a copy of their driver’s license and executed business transaction which the operating line was approved for. The client will then be set up with banking access to disburse funds.
What will the loan be secured by?2023-04-24T13:38:49-05:00

For term loans:

  • The drainage materials.

For the operating loan:

  • Under $250k, we use a springing lien.
  • Between $250k and $500k, we take a best available lien.
  • Between $500k and $1m, we take a first position lien.
  • Crops, livestock, and machinery may all be used as security.
What is the loan to value ratio?2023-04-13T14:46:54-05:00
  • Term loans will be 75% of total <$1,000,000
  • Operating loans will be 100% of total.
What are the fees charged to the borrower?2023-04-13T14:45:59-05:00
  • There are no origination fees for the loan. However, part of the underwriting process for loans requires the borrower to submit an engineered drainage plan certified by DIGS-Pinion Land Advisory.  Please contact the DIGS-Pinion team for pricing.
What interest rate and tenor do you offer?2023-04-13T14:45:11-05:00
  • We offer 1YR, 3YR, 5YR, and 7YR term loans with competitive rates which can be variable or fixed.
  • We also offer operating loans which are competitive and variable.
Who do you partner with?2023-04-13T14:44:13-05:00
  • Evergreen Bank acts as lender, and Compeer Financial acts as servicer. Evergreen Bank is a commercial bank chartered in Illinois. Compeer Financial is a $30bn+ Farm Credit bank servicing territories in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Together, we combine the power of technology, agricultural experience, and capital to provide an unparalleled user experience.
Can a borrower apply as a company?2023-04-13T14:43:42-05:00
  • Yes – we support all types of borrowers, including individuals, corporations, trusts, LLCs, and even public entities such as drainage districts
What financials are required by the application?2023-04-13T14:33:49-05:00
  • Total assets

  • Total liabilities

  • Annual gross farm income
  • Annual non-farm income
  • Hard credit check to be performed at the time of submission
What can AFF loans be used for?2023-04-13T14:31:49-05:00
  • Land improvement projects
  • Land improvement materials
  • Land acquisition with Cap-Ex project
What states is financing available in?2023-04-13T09:50:58-05:00
  • All 50!

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