Coordinating and leveraging a network of professional contractors, vendors, and other industry experts
Procure bids from qualified drainage contractor(s) & materialmen when requested
Cooperation and discussion with governing bodies and jurisdictions such as but not limited to counties, townships, and drainage districts
Procure proper permitting where required
Coordinate neighbor participation – Mutual drain design, contractual & financial commitment
Cost Savings – Shared costs of mutual drains
Contractual commitments with clients and contractors
Resources and support for drainage law
Project oversight, management, and coordination
Centralized hub of communication for all parties during the planning, implementation, and culmination of a project
QA/QC – Verification that as-built files align with engineered design

Project Facilitation & Management

DIGS provides comprehensive solutions for all stages of the project while keeping costs manageable.

DIGS has the appropriate technology, software and equipment to vigorously collect and share data with industry leaders, ensuring on-site performance.

We offer a unique watershed approach and optional bid process that is unmatched in the sector.

Our surface and subsurface capital improvements combined with standard operating procedures ensure client success.