Our Mission

Our commitment is to set new standards of excellence while maximizing our clients’ land improvement investments.

Why choose us?

Our leadership team has been involved with over 100,000+ acres of land improvements across the country. Our holistic approach accounts not only for land in its current state, but also for future opportunities and neighbor participation. Watershed identification allows our team to assess the impact that interconnected water has on our clients’ land. Each successful project that is completed is an affirmation to each client of DIGS Associate’s commitment to excellence.

Why it feels different to work with us

We bring a remarkably collaborative and communicative business culture to ensure positive project outcomes. Our understanding of the industry goes beyond our technical skill set. We grew up farming and understand what it takes to raise a healthy crop. We have extensive experience in constructing projects, so we can relate to the application of our services. Our extensive background has prepared us to tackle complex challenges and obstacles that occur throughout the lifecycle of a land improvement project.

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