Corey D. Getz

Co-founder and CEO

+1 217 768 4930


Corey was born on a farm in rural Shelby County, Illinois. In addition to the grain farm and cattle business, his family owned and operated a tiling business. During his childhood he was always actively involved in all facets of the farming operation.

Corey always had a passion for agriculture. After attending Indiana State University, he found an opportunity with the world’s largest plastic drainage tile manufacturer. After a few years – prior to co-founding DIGS Associates – he decided to start his own drainage supply company. Corey still owns and operates the company that provides services, materials, and equipment for farm drainage needs across the Midwest. His service company helps him stay in touch and relate to DIGS customers, contractors, industry insiders, and agriculture overall.

Corey’s background has provided him with experience and knowledge in HDPE drainage tile manufacturing, project installation, RTK GPS systems, engineering drainage designs, topographic survey, and much more. He has developed strong relationships with local farmers, land owners, farm managers, governmental agencies, contractors, material and equipment manufacturers, trade associations, and other industry leaders.

Corey’s passion is to apply his experience and knowledge to provide lasting solutions for every client’s agriculture property. This has resulted in an unwavering commitment to DIGS Associates’ clients and their capital improvements.

He reside in Mt. Zion, Illinois with his wife and three young daughters. He is an active member of Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Land Improvement Contractors, Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers, Illinois Association of Drainage Districts, and his local church.